Affiliate Marketing Business

Be a business owner with no or very little costs out of your pocket.


Anyone can be an Affiliate Marketer.  All you have to do is be willing to work hard (at first) and be patient.

What if you could have your very own website business for free?   Imagine yourself working at home from your computer when you want.  Picture yourself being your own boss, who only has answer to yourself.  You don't need to pay employees, rent for space, store inventory and all the other expenses and hassles that you would incur with a store front business.

Tax benefits?

A home-based business is a tax write off on a portion of your rent or mortgage, property taxes, insurance, electric bill, gas bill, garbage bill, internet costs and more every year.  Basically some of the bills that you pay every month will be refunded to you when you file your yearly tax return.

You do not have to incorporate, you don't have to pay sales tax or any federal taxes (except income tax, of course), and your income potential is limitless.

Hard work is rewarded.

You can do it.  It is not easy.  How is it easy?  Because you can belong to a platform that will teach you how to do it.  And is focused on you succeeding.

Hard work is involved, but as long as you are willing to put forth the effort, you can succeed and become very successful.  But if you are not willing to work hard towards your success, then there is no point in you reading on.  This does eventually become easier, but like with anything, you have to be willing to learn, research, perfect your skills and be patient.

Here is the best part.  Are you ready?  

You do not have to do it alone.

There is a platform out there, called Wealthy Affiliate, specifically designed to help you imagine, learn, execute and achieve your goals and success.  This platform has over 550,000 members who are there 24/7 to help you succeed.  This is a unique, one-of-a-kind platform.  There is nothing else like it out there.  It is a world of people who care about your success and take a personal interest in you achieving your goals. Where else do you get support like that?

What will my business be?

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a website around your interests and expertise and make money with what is called Affiliate Marketing.  You see that ad to your right?  The Kindle ad from Amazon.  That is Affiliate Marketing.  Share with the world your story, expertise and advice. And make money.

Every minute of everyday there are at least 2 billion people online at a time.  Wow, that is a monumental amount of potential customers.  Your job is to bring the people who are searching your subject (niche) to your website.

So, lets say you create a website about losing weight (you will want to be more specific than that, but it will do for now).  You research highly searched terms about weight loss. and come up with "best diet plans".  Turns out that over 10,000 people a month search that term.  So, what do you do with that information.  You can create a webpage or blog using that term to direct those searchers to your site.  That is what you do.

Now, of course, that sounds simple, but there is a lot more research to do and examine before you put your site together.  And after you create your site and monitor its results you will continue to modify and alter you content, images and ads until you achieve success.

Wealth Affiliate

What does Wealthy Affiliate provide you?  Well depending on if you are a free member or premium member will determine what you get from Wealthy Affiliate.  Here is a breakdown of what you get:

Guess what, the $47.00 a month is a tax write off too.

Wow, you can get a lot for free.  But you can get even more as a premium member.  But joining for free is a great way to test the waters and see if it is something that you will like to do.  I waited about a week before I joined, exploring everything, taking the courses and experimenting with building a website and I found that I really enjoyed it.

Some of things that are listed you may be wondering what they entail.  Let look at a couple:

  • 50 free websites.  Your question may be "why would anyone want 50 free websites?"  Well because you are creating a business and once you have success with one website you want to create more to make even more money.  Imagine having 50 website working for you.  Also, the website are WordPress website, which is regarded as one of the best, easiest and most professional.  WordPress also has the most sophisticated add-on that help your site move faster up the search chain.
  • Training Courses an Classrooms.  Teach you how to build a website, write content, use images, use Social Media. (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc...), get on the first 3 pages of a search (For example if someone searches dog leashes on Google, you want to be within the first 3 pages.), determine and research your topic (niche), advertise on your site, monetize your site,  and so much more and more and more.  The classes, also, have easy to follow instructional videos.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training.  These are the classes that teach you how to monetize your website effectively.  Very important.
  • Keyword search.  An example of this is what I state earlier about over 10,000 a month search certain terms that you can research to build you sight around.
  •  Earn while you learn.  You will get paid for everyone you refer into Wealthy Affiliate and if they become a premium member then you get paid money every month.  The more you bring in the more you earn.  Also, you may be able to help other write content for their sites and make some extra cash.
  • Private Access to Owners.  Where else will you find the owners of a company care, so much, about your success.  You can contact them (Kyle & Carson) with questions, for help and/or just to chat and they will be there for you.
  • Website Feedback, Comment and Analysis.  All three of these are vital to your websites success.  The community of over 550,000 other entrepreneurs will help you create the best website with helpful hints and analysis on how to improve your site as well as provide you with comments, so that you can get higher ranking in the search engines faster.  This is truly unique.

Basically, Kyle and Carson did all the trial and error work of Affiliate Marketing to the point where they had success down. They then decided to share their knowledge and start a school/social platform to help others, like you, to achieve what they, Kyle & Carson, had already achieved.

A passion was found

I was skeptical when I first joined.  I was sure that I was only going to be let down again.  But after joining and beginning the training and creating  a website, I realized that I was feeling something that I had not felt in years; enthusiasm, excitement, drive, and  .  It is something that I will never become bored with, I can control my own growth and I am in charge of my own business.  It was fun, motivating and ignited a passion, desire and dreams again.

I always envied people who had their own business. I thought that I did not have the discipline or drive to be a business owner. I categorized myself as a person who needed the structure and routine of going to an 8 to 5 job, five days a week. I underestimated my own potential, because that is what I and we all are conditioned to believe.

That underestimation of yourself causes you to forget how to dream, grow and explore.  I prevents you from living life to the fullest with the excitement that you once had.  I would go to work, be under appreciated, if appreciated at all and get very little in compensation for all the efforts that I put into the company's success.

After I found Wealthy Affiliate, I said no more.  I do have a job that I continue to do, but it is no longer my life; my business is.  And eventually I will feel confident enough to quit my job and focus on my business and my life.

Added Bonus

Once you join, whether as a free or premium member , I will personally be there to greet you.  I will also tell you some secrets that I learned about writing great content.   And I will be there to help you every step of the way.  If I do not know the answer then I am sure that one of the over 550,000 other entrepreneurs will and I will help you track down the answer.

This is not a get rich quick program

I just wanted to remind you of that.  Understand that you will need to complete the courses, do lots of research, and read lots of material to help you succeed.  This website recommends books that you should read (click the link Essential Marketing Books, to start now) full of vital information.  You need to be willing to go beyond Wealthy Affiliate to really be successful.

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