Direct your reader to Action

A reader needs to be told what to do.
If you ask them they will act.


You write great, engaging content.  The reader makes it to the end of your page and they don't know what to do next.  Your goal is to get your reader to act by either going to another page, clicking on something to purchase, subscribe to your newsletter or leave a comment.  But the reader does not know that unless you direct them to do so.

How do you do this?  You just ask.  If you want a comment, then the last sentence of your article should be "please leave a comment with your thoughts or a questions below."  Or keep it simple "Please leave a comment below."

Notice that I didn't just ask the to leave a comment, but I also told them how to do it - by going below.  This is very important.  Giving precise direction makes them more likely to follow it, especially if they see how easy it is.

How do I get them to buy?

If you want someone to click on a link or click a picture to purchase a product you are promoting, then make sure you direct them to do so at the end of your content.  So, no matter if you are writing a review, description or article of the product - tell the reader to click the picture to purchase the product.

More and more people are choosing to purchase products online.  It is easier than running to the store and many online stores are no longer charging shipping, which really makes it even more convenient.  But before people purchase a product online, they are doing research about the product.  That is why reviews are a great way to draw in customers.  Even if they do not buy from you the first time they visit your site, they may turn it over in their head and return later to buy. 

The great thing is that even if the review is negative, still direct people on what to do to purchase the product through your site.  Many people who are researching a product have already made their mind up to purchase it, they are just making themselves feel more cautious and smart because they did the research.  So, still put the product on your site with your negative review and call the reader to action on how to purchase it through your site.

One of my more successful reviews was a review of the Navage Nose Cleaner.  I basically piggybacked off the commercials on television.  People would see the commercial, go online to read reviews and more information about the product, which would direct them to my site.  After they read my review, they would purchase the product through my site and I earned a commission.

At the end of my review, I told people to click on the picture below to purchase your way to sinus relief today.  I also made a point of telling my readers the product was not available in stores.  This made it clear to the reader they had to purchase the product online.  

Sign me up!

If you want your reader to sign up for your monthly newsletter or to receive e-mail or the latest blogs on your site, then tell the reader how to sign up.  Even if you use a pop up subscription request that just appears while the reader is in the middle of your article, your are utilizing the call to action.

Getting people to sign up for your site e-mail list means that you probably get regular visits from those people.  You will have established trust.  So use that trust and make sure the in your e-mails of newsletter or blogs, you call the person to action to connect back to your site.  Make the connecting as easy as possible - like clicking a link or picture.

The more a person visits your site the higher your chances of them purchasing something from one of your affiliates.  Add affiliates to your newsletter.  Insert products links into your e-mail with instruction on how to purchase the product or sign up for a service.

You like me - You really like me.

Social media is a great way to gain rank for your website pages as well as interaction with your visitors.  Call your visitors to action by asking them to like you on Facebook, visit you on twitter or leave a comment on Google +.  

If a reader is willing to do this then you have build a relationship with that reader to the point where they want to make sure you know they like your site an content.  But people may miss the links to the social media sites and that is why you need to direct the reader on how to like you on Facebook and so forth.

If you ask, the better your chance to receive.

Please leave a comment below.