Essential Marketing Books

Success is knowledge and is power.  Writing great web content, copy and/or an ad is not hard when you learn from the masters.  All the books below were written by the masters of copywriting.

Copywriting is, in essence, direct marketing.  It is the ability to persuade people to read your ad (copy) to purchase a product or service.   But guess what, the principles each of the books below provides can be applied to everything and anything you write.

If you want to:

  • Gain more followers on your website.  (People go to a website for information, but you also have to draw them in to read your content.)
  • Blogs, posts and comments.  (Write great content and they will come and be engaged!)
  • E-mails.  (Make your e-mail clear, concise and read.)
  • Write better research papers and essays.  (I am currently taking college courses and each one of these books  helped me get A's, even 100%, on many of my papers.)
  • Write a novel.  (These same principles are even easily applied to writing that book you always wanted to do.)
  • Letters and cards.  (You will even be able to write more compelling Greeting Cards,  invitations and letters to friends and family)

See, the knowledge in these books goes well beyond just copywriting.  The possibilities are endless.  And you will agree with me after you read these life changing books.

Essential Books on Marketing

The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy from One of America's Top Copywriters, by Joseph Sugarman.  This book is the bible of marketing.

Joseph Sugarman is one of the most successful copywriters ever.  You will learn everything you need to know about writing great copy, content and advertising.

He not only looks at the principles of writing great content, but he also dives into the psychological motivation of people, so that you can tap into a person''s psyche when writing content.  The book is written in simple terms, entertaining stories and he provides great examples of successful writing.

He also inspires you towards success.   The knowledge that he shares in this book is priceless.   This book is a re-write of his first book Advertising Secrets of the Written Word.  It has been updated to include modern medium like e-mail, websites and ezines.

You MUST have this book in your library of knowledge.   You will refer to this book over and over throughout your career.  Click on the link or picture to buy this book now.  It will transform your way of thinking, writing and succeeding.

The Boron Letters, by Gary Halbert.  This book was written while he served time in Federal Prison.  The book is a compilation of letters that he wrote to his son, which were filled with tips and information on writing great copy.

Gary Halbert is another successful master of the written copy in direct marketing.   And the information that he shares is invaluable, like AIDA.  If you want to know what that is read the book.  But I will give you a hint.  It is the formula to writing great content and copy.

There is also a website that his kids maintain and update since Gary's death.  It is a wealth of information, as well for free  Click the link to the site and bookmark it, you will reference it often.

Clink on the link or picture to purchase.  This is another essential must have.

The Lazy Mans way to Riches, by Joe Karbo.  Inspiring.  He helps you tap into your creative side.  this book provides instructions on how to obtain your goals using the sub-conscious mind.  He provide step by step instruction on running a successful ad campaign.

This book was written in the 70's, but all of the basic principles still stand true today.  And can be applied to everything you write a do today.  Your mind structure and what it does when you are not paying attention, will help you become more successful not matter what career path you have chosen.

Have you ever gotten in your car after work, or some other excursion, and then suddenly you were home.  And no matter how hard you try you cannot remember the drive home.  It is because your sub-conscious took over while you were deep in thought.

This book teaches you how to use this natural mental phenomenon to come up with ideas, solve problems and write great copy.  How to beat your fear of failure or success.  How to genuinely become successful.

You can find this book for free online.  Click here to start reading now.

Click the link or picture and purchase this book if you prefer a hard copy.

This Book Will Help You Write Better, by Neville Medhora.  This book really helps you hone your writing skills, just as it says in the title.  Helps you write better.

Neville Medhora, is a successful copywriter with a fun personality.  His book is informative and entertaining.

He also has a website and a course that you can take to learn more from him about writing and how to write great copy.  His website is Kopywriting Kourse.  Click the link and bookmark his site.  There is also his very beneficial video course, it costs $197.00, and is beyond worth it.  The course can get you up and writing with confidence in two hours.

Click on the link or picture to purchase his very informative book to improve your writing.

All of there books are linked to amazon for purchase.  Just click the pictures or links to purchase, then you can choose, hardcover, paperback or digital on Kindle.  Price ranges vary with each type.

Happy Reading.  Happy Knowledge.  Happy Success.

If you have any that you would like to add, leave a comment below.