Look of your Website

Visual 2Like a Jedi you want to tell people with visuals that "you want to read my content".

When creating a website visuals are important.  You want to make your page attractive and luring for one reason - to get people to read the first line of your content, quote by Joseph Sugarman.

Newspapers have perfected being visually appealing and inviting to readers.  So, I am going to refer back to newspapers and magazines a lot.

It's Black and White

First, your page should always have a white background and black or dark grey print.  It has been statistically proven to draw readers to read your content more than any other combination.  The worst combination you can do is a black background with white writing.

Black print on white is believed to enhance our ability to comprehend what we are reading.  We have all been raised on white background with black print, like newspapers, books, textbooks, and now webpages.  And when it is deviated from, we do not like it.  Therefore people will not like to visit your webpage if you use anything other than white background and black print.

Pictures are the lure to your content

If you decide to use images, then make sure it pertains to your content.  For example, if you are writing about bananas, then you can use an image of a monkey - because monkey and bananas go together really well.  But if you were writing about a hot tub, you would not want to use a monkey, that does not make sense.

Also, write a caption under your images to entice the reader to read the first line of your content.  For example, with the banana example above, you could write the caption "9 out of 10 monkeys approve."  This will make the reader curious and want to read your first line.

Never mislead your reader with a picture and caption that has nothing to do with your content, just to draw them in.  It will only anger your reader and they will not visit your site again.

Also, do not overload images onto the page.  The only time you want to use multiple images is if it is a catalog page to show product - like Amazon.

The placement of an image is at the top of your page.  You may want to add one more image within your content, but do not over do it.  Too many images can distract from your content.

Lets think of it this way - when you read a newspaper there is usually only one, maybe two picture, right?  And the reason is the picture and caption are used to draw you to the story, which is the newspapers ultimate goal - to get you to read the article.

Videos are great

Separate from pictures is video.  A great addition to any website.  If you have videos within your content, you can engage the reader even more.  Once again, make sure it is related to your content, otherwise you risk angering the visitor and they will not return.

If you have a YouTube account, tie it in with your website.  This will help increase your traffic.

Size does matter

Font type and size does matter.  Today computer technology offers a wide variety of fonts.  But not all fonts translate well onto smartphones, tablets and computers.  So use the basics Arial, Serif (is the best), Times New Roman.  Whatever font that you pick, make sure it is clear.  Some fonts try to look like cursive, but they are very hard to read.  If the font makes it difficult to read, it will not be read.

Font size should be anywhere between 8 to 10.  Once again, think about a newspaper font size.  If you use too big of font it can be offensive to some.  Big fonts may indicate that you are "yelling" or "screaming" at them.  Headers can be big, but once again not too.  And headlines can be bold, but not huge - 12 size would be best- in WordPress headline 3.

The eye less traveled

What does that mean?   When you read a full page of content your eye has to travel from one side all the way to the other.  That can be exhausting and straining on the eyes.  I am going to say it again, think of a newspaper.  It is written in columns, with maybe 3 to 6 words per line (not sentences - lines).  This is so the eye does not have to travel all the way across that giant page.  magazines do it the same way.

So, make your webpage easy on the eyes and use short lines, which makes people more willing to read your content.

Short paragraphs

They say because of twitter, society is only able to read 140 characters at a time.  Well that is not exactly true.  Once again, look at newspapers.  Considering how short the writing blocks are, the paragraphs are quite small.  I think we have always been drawn to short sections of content.

Just the sight of a really long paragraph can deter a reader.  So, keep paragraphs short, concise and packed full of useful information.

Author Picture

You want to make your site feel personal.  And the best way to accomplish a personal feel is to have your picture next to your name.  Just a little one, with your name next to it, so people can see who is providing them great information.

Once again, think about a newspaper.

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