Realtor marketing that distinguishes you from the rest

Real Estate
If I wanted to sell or buy a house, the first place I would start would be the internet.

Setting yourself apart is essential in business.  Why?  Because of all the competition.

The #1 way people search for real estate is on the internet.  And you can tap into this unlimited resource of leads.

I worked in the real estate industry for over 20 years and I talked to many realtors.   The agents that I talked to averaged about 7 closings a month.  I know this because I handled their closings.  That also was why they shared their secret to success with me, because I was not a competitor, but more of a co-worker.

One realtor told me “I wake up in the morning and as I drink my coffee I go through my warm leads that were generated while I slept and worked with other clients.”

A very successful husband and wife team said “We are able to stay in touch with all our past, present and future clients so easily. My contact list grows leaps and bounds every day.”

Another very successful realtor team told me “It allowed us to become very successful quicker, more efficiently and more economically.”

This very successful realtor said to me “I don’t understand why all realtors don’t use this media.  It is a treasure trove of prospects.”

But it is not enough to just have a website.  It about knowing how to use that website to generate leads.  Many realtors who have a website, don't know how to use it effectively.

Why is this important?  Because you want your site to generate warm leads while you sleep, work and kick it by the pool.

Let me give you some very important information that could make your a website success.  

You may wonder why I am telling you this information, but I will explain later why it is vital to your success on the internet.

Did you know that over 381,000 people a month search "how to sell a house fast"? And approximately 66,000 people a month search "how to buy house".

Another 50,000 people a month search for the best places to retire.  And about 12,000 a month search for retirement communities.

Many websites, not just real estate websites forget to target specific searches.

Now, of the 381,000 people who search the web for "how to sell a house fast" - only abut 213 results are viable.  Once again, you may be wondering what this means.  It will all make sense soon.

Tools for success

What is a website for?  A website is a way for you to:

  • Distinguish yourself from other realtors - many realtors have not yet discovered the power of a website. And if they have, they may not be doing it correctly.  Your ability to farm globally exposes you to:
    • Retirees from all over that may be interested in your area.
    • 2nd home buyers who want a place to sty during cold weather months.
    • Families that are relocating many companies transfer employees to your area or people move for more opportunities that may be plentiful in your area.
  • Easily keep in touch with your clients - prospective clients and "interested" people.  Use clients e-mail addresses, e-mail addresses collected from an open house and anyone else you have been in contact with to add to your e-mail list.  Your e-mail list could be sent:
    • A newsletter - weekly, monthly, quarterly providing the latest information on the market, tip and the process of buying and selling.  Just remember the more often, the more you are in their minds to refer you to their friend and acquaintances.
    • A newly listed property - take a new listing post it on your site and e-mail it out.  Imagine how impressed your seller will be knowing the means that you are using to sell their property.  Justify the 6% commission with professionalism and technology.
    • A property being sold by another realtor to attract Buyers - If you see a house for sale that you want to sell because of a higher commission for the selling agents.  Or maybe you just really like the house.
  • Share your expertise - Become a "brand".  Remember the search information that I told you about earlier, well, here is where it comes into play.  Write blogs and pages about "how to sell a house fast" and draw in some of the 381,000 web searchers.  Because there is only about 213 results for the search, your chances of ranking within the first three pages of that search on Google greatly increases.  Hence, more traffic to your site.  See how that works.  Who knows it may be a neighbor down the street that is doing the search.  And imagine your site coming up.  Or that seller who wants to sell his house fast may live elsewhere, but planning on moving to your area.  Draw them in with your knowledge.  Someone else may read your site and remember a friend interested in buying a house in your area...referral.  Endless possibilities.
  • Look professional - Imagine putting your own professional website address on your cards, postcards and advertising.
  • Generate leads - while you sleep, work and leisure, you will be generating warm leads.
  • Monetize your site - I will go into greater detail about this further down.

Is building your own website easy or cost a lot?

The cost of having someone create and maintain your website can be costly, plus you have less control over your content.  Having a website is most effective if you control your site yourself.  It is also more cost effective.

I am here to tell you that you can build your own website and have unlimited help and support.  It will cost you less than what you would be charged if you paid someone else to do it.  It is easier than you think and lots of fun.

You do not need to be a professional coder, writer, or marketer.  All you need is a great support system and someone to show you how.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform, like social media (Facebook, Linkedin, etc...), but its sole purpose is to help you create the best website possible and be a success.  No other social media can say that.  It is the only one of it's kind.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 550,000 entrepreneurs, like yourself, that are there to help you make your website, write your content and draw traffic to your site.  It is a community of business owners who share their knowledge, tips and experiences of success.

Wealthy Affiliate uses the best website builder, WordPress. WordPress is designed with amateurs in mind. Thousands of designs to choose from and tons of additional features that can be added easily to your site.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the tools you need to create an awesome website:

  • 2 free websites (Premium member get 50 free websites).
  • Never-ending support from a community of over 550,000 and growing fellow business owners.
  • Tons of detailed courses.
  • Instructional videos
  • Weekly webinars.
  • How to write great content.
  • Research and tracking tools. (So you can see your progress day to day.)
  • How to quickly get top rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo's search engine. (This is so your website will show up on the first three pages of a specific web search and eventually the first page.)
  • How to advertise on your site.
  • How to utilize social media. (If you have always wanted to know how to use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to build your business, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to use these platforms to your advantage.)

Joining is FREE. You heard me correctly, it is free. You have nothing to lose, only many opportunities to gain.  By making you own website, you save money, have more control over your content and can give it a personal feel that will appeal to your clients.

If you decide to become a premium member, it only costs $47.00 a month.  Now, remember this is a business expense, so it is a write-off on your taxes.

Also, if you become a premium member, you have access to private, one-on-one consultations from the owners of the company (Kyle & Carson). Other website companies cannot say they care about you and your business that much.

Monetize your website

Affiliated marketing is used from the biggest of companies to the smallest of entrepreneur.

When you have a website you can place ads on your website that sell products or services.  And for every purchase that is made though your website, you earn a commission.

Major companies have affiliate programs like Google, Amazon and Wayfair.  A website about real estate could have advertisements for furniture, air conditioners or termite companies.  And for every purchase through your website you make a commission from that company.   The earning potential is unlimited.

This is another aspect that most realtors do not take advantage of with their websites.

Here is a bonus for you

Once again, remember you get to join for free.  But I will give you an extra perk.  I will personally help guide and give you input in creating the best website, writing interesting content and answer any questions you have.  But remember you will also have the input and guidance of over 550,000 others, interested in your success.

All I ask is that you be willing to work hard, read, learn and enjoy yourself.  You will revel in your personal and business growth.

So, join for FREE, explore the opportunities and imagine the possibilities, (there is no obligation). Learn something new, network and have fun creating something that will be shared with people all over the world.

Click the link below to join now and begin your journey to building your business and maybe find a new passion that earns you extra income.

P.S. Elevate yourself and your business by distinguishing yourself from other realtors.

P.P.S. Bookmark this site and sign up for my e-mail list, because it will provide you with tips on writing your content, copywriting and marketing. Don't be nervous and don't be shy, we all have to start somewhere and before you know it your website will be up and going.