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"You write the first line so they will read the second."  Quote by Joseph Sugarman

Do you want a successful website?  Do you want people to not only visit your site, but stay and read all you have to offer?  Then you need to write engaging, captivating and informative, yet entertaining content.

This is  serious problem.

If you think that your content is already perfect, then you do not need to read this.  But if people are spending less than a minute on your site, then your content may need some help.  If your traffic is stagnate, and not growing by leaps and bounds, then you may want to read my tips on how to write great content.  If your bounce rate is on or near 100%, then your content is BOOORRRING,  and they are leaving without reading the page that captured them.

I've read the best and so should you.

I have studied this topic extensively.  Click the link to visit my Essential Marketing Books to see a few that I highly recommend you read.  These books really opened my eyes and fed me with so much knowledge that I have seen better result from my websites from the first day I re-wrote my content.

Results Proven!

My traffic to my website increased three fold, from the previous month.  The time visitors spend on may web pages has gone from an average of 20 seconds to and average of 5 minutes, with one page at almost and average of 7 minutes.  The the bounce rate percentage dropped dramatically, from a 100% to 56%.

The bounce rate is what tells you if your content is boring.  If the bounce rate is high, then people are not staying on your site.  This means that you need to rework your content.

How do you improve your site?

Read every single page under this tab.  Visit my Essential Marketing Books page and order every single book I listed (just click on the picture to order) read and study them carefully.  Most of the books are short and can be read in one evening.  A couple are bigger and you may need about four days to week to read.  But these books changed the way I look at content and write content for the better.

I believe in you and I know that you can succeed.  But do not forget to have fun.

Good Luck and Happy Writing!

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