Asked and Answered

Look into your crystal ball and answer the questions before they are asked.

We all have intuition, so you will naturally be able to know what your reader is thinking.

As people read content, questions pop into their heads.  And your job is to answer those questions as they arise.

For instance, say you talk about a product that runs on batteries.  The natural question would be, what kind of batteries?  How often do the batteries need to be changed?

If you ignore questions that lurk in your readers head, you reader will not feel satisfied after reading your content.  So, address them as they pop into your own mind as you write, read, re-read, edit, read, and re-read your content.

Question asked and answered

How many times have you read a website and left feeling unsatisfied.  Most likely it was because you had a specific question that was not answered.

No matter if the questions was the reason for search in the first place, or the question formed as you read the content – if it was not answered then the website failed.

This is why you must address all possible questions that may come to person’s mind.  One of the best ways to practice this is to have a conversation about your product, service or topic.

As you have the conversation take notes on the questions the person gets as you talk.  Make sure that the person knows to ask all questions that pop in their head, even the ones that you may have answered.  Because you want to know the pertinent information you should be put into your content.

Talk to one person

When you prepare to write your content, do not try to appeal to everyone, but just one person.  Pretend that you are talking to a friend, keep it personal.

This method will help you to make your content more personal and not feel overwhelmed.  Thinking about all the possible people who will read your content and thinking about how you have to consider so many possible questions can make you crazy.  Focus on just talking and answering one persons questions.

Subconsciously edit you work

Edit your content over and over  and over and over again.  And again.  And again.  The more you read over your content the more questions that will surface.

Here is a trick.  Read your content a couple of times and say out loud – “subconscious bring forth some ideas.”  Your subconscious is a tool you must use.  And the best way to do this is to ask it to do some work – out loud.

One exercise you can do is list out a bunch of ideas about your subject before you write your content.  Layout some ideas you want to incorporate into your content.  When you are done – say “subconscious help me write content” – then walk away.  Stop working on it for a couple hours, a day or a couple of days.

You may think that you are not working on it anymore, but you are, your subconscious is working on it.  So, as you are working on another project, exercising or cleaning your subconscious will suddenly bring you back to your content and will provide you with ideas.  Take notes as things pop into your head and once your thoughts hit max, just start writing.

Pour it all out, whether it make sense or not.  Just get out all you want to say.  Then when you are done, set it to the side and go do something else.  Go back to it a couple hours later and start to refine and edit it.  As you read it more questions will pop up as well as a myriad of other ideas ad changes.

Your subconscious absorbs so much information that you may not be consciously aware of and all you have to do it pull to the front of your mind by asking.  It is a great technique.

Wrapping up

Your content is purposeful and you need to make sure that you deliver that purpose.  Understanding who you are writing for, what they want to know and what questions may pop into their heads is the key to great content.

It’s not hard to do.  We all have the intuition of knowing how to write informative and satisfying content.  All you need to do is trust yourself and be confident in your own knowledge.

Please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear your thoughts.