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Have I got your Attention?

Studying copywriting will help you write great content.

Copywriting is the use of the written word to sell a product or service.  But guess what, it very much applies to writing content on your website.  Even if you are not selling a product specifically, you are selling your knowledge of a particular subject.

People are coming to your website to get answers to their questions and are wanting you to be honest, trustworthy, and one of great integrity.  Using the principles of copywriting will help you set yourself apart from the rest of the websites in your niche (topic).

Think about direct marketing, newspaper ads, classified ads, catalogs and webpages, you have to write for a vast audience of different wants, needs, interests and personalities.  How do you make sure to satisfy all those people?  Studying COPYWRITING from the masters (click the link to purchase the must read books from the masters, Essential Marketing Books).

It is not hard anyone can do it as long as you put your mind to it.  I am going to lay out some of the tips that I have learned from the books that I studied intensely.  So, study copywriting and improve your writings skills, which will increase your traffic and ranking and bring in more sales.

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Copywrite your Webpages and Blogs

Images to Grab Attention

First, thing that you need to do is grab the attention of your reader.  Using captions under images, with something really interesting about your subject or product, will draw the reader to want to read your content.  And that is your goal to get the visitor to read your content.

An example would be like my picture and caption above.  Or, if you are writing about dog collars, you show a picture of a cute little dog with a caption that says "Some collars cause spine damage in dogs."

Now, if you read that caption and you have a dog, then you will want to read about collars to make sure you are not using the one that causes spine damage.  See how that works.  It will pertain to your subject yet grab the attention of your reader to get them to read more to find out the truth about dog collars.

The image will draw their eye to the caption and the caption will grab their attention and draw interest to read your content.

Headlines that Demand Attention

Like the image, you want your paragraph headings to be informative and attention grabbing.

Many people scan the content before actually reading an article.  This means that they may just scan the paragraph headings to see what the content is about and worth their time.

Paragraph headers are vital to the success of your content.  First, they help make the content easier on the eye and mind, because they break the content up into readable content.  Second, they pull the reader into reading our entire content.  So, you want to have bold paragraph headlines to catch their attention to make them want to read your entire content.

We are All Emotional

The best way to grab someone attention is by playing on their emotions.  Take the dog collar example from earlier.  It placed a fear in the readers mind about their dog possibly having spine problems due to the collar they use.  The fear emotion will make them read the content.  See how that works.  Easy.

Play on peoples emotions like curiosity, fear, humor, greed, honesty and desires.  We are guided by our emotions.  Emotions help us make decisions, draw interest and control our response.

So, if you use fear to get attention, then make sure you cure that fear in your content.  Do not mislead your reader.  You will end up insulting and offending your reader and they will not return to your website.

You Don't Say

As you write your content, keep the attention by throwing in some attention grabbing statements here and there.

You want to be informative and helpful to the people who visit your site.  But constant instructions can become monotonous.  So, break it up with some attention getting sentences, that still pertain to your subject, but keep the interest, like with a story, off the wall fun fact or  personal experience.

You want your reader to read your entire content from top to bottom, so make sure you keep their attention.

WHEN TO USE ALL CAPS and when not to

As you are trying to keep your readers attention, sometimes it can be as simple as capitalizing an important word or using an emotional word, like RIDICULOUS in all caps or in bold.

Imagine reading content that tells you about what some people do that they shouldn't and it is all topped off with - RIDICULOUS.  You have now made the reader engaged in and part of the story.  They will agree with you that it is ridiculous and keep reading.

Also, that all caps word made them have to read what was - RIDICULOUS.

Use this sparingly.  Too much can be a turn off.

P.S., P.P.S., P.P.P.S.

Another great attention grabbing tool is the P.S., P.P.S., etc...

At the end of your content put a P.S., make it pertain to your content and grab the readers attention and interest.  P.S.'s at the end of your content will draw in the scrollers when they hit the bottom of the page.

So if you missed then with the image and caption.  If all the paragraph headers failed,  Then you still have one other thing you can use to capture them - the P.S.

Bold the P.S. and write the rest of the content in regular print.  Unless you want to really emphasize something, then you can bold or all caps a word or two.  But do not go nuts.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the things that you should keep in mind when writing your content.  The most important thing that I can also tell is to keep it personable.  Like your are having a conversation with one person who is interested in your subject.

Once again, click the link to purchase the must read books, Essential Marketing Books.

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P.S.  Don't forget to use P.S.'s.

P.P.S.  in the words of Joseph Sugarman - The purpose of the first line is to get the second line read.  The purpose of the second line is to get the third line read, etc, etc...